DQMM 2020 - Virtual Conference
Hosted by UNF, UCONN, and NORDITA

Dynamic Quantum Matter and Materials

December 14th – 18th, 2020

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About the Workshop

The area of quantum matter has developed into a playground of competing interactions, which has been observed through the emergence of various hot topics like topological states, 2D materials, and Dirac and Weyl interactions. Furthermore, the development of quantum matter has lead to the discovery various materials that exhibit these fascinating properties, which has the potential of controlling these various interactions for use in technological applications, which led to a large push in the areas of spintronics, valleytronics, and Majoranics. In the end, the combination of these discoveries has helped shape quantum matter and materials into a new and exciting area of condensed matter and materials physics.

The desire to control different degrees of freedom in such a complex manner requires the ability to shift these interactions and states out of their ground states. Therefore, the ability to drive these quantum systems out of their equilibrium states by perturbing the system through the use of an outside source or field has become a hot bed for research. Therefore, understanding the potential for dynamic stimulation of materials  has led to the discovery and investigation of surprising properties using time-dependent stimuli to force systems into their excited states. Therefore, we introduce the topic of this year’s quantum matter conference, which will focus on the advancements in the theoretical computational, and experimental areas of Dynamic Quantum Matter and Materials (DQMM).

Developments in dynamic quantum matter have been stimulated by a host of new ideas based on unconventional correlated, entangled, and topological orders, where they struggle to be understood and modeled with traditional approaches, but also offer great potential for new functionalities tuned by varying external conditions. Microscopic features like correlations, entanglement, and novel orders in time domain like odd frequency superconductivity and topology determine the properties of quantum materials. These interactions determine transient correlations and coherences in quantum materials.

In this conference, the recent developments in the dynamic new and exciting field of quantum matter will be showcased. At this conference, key researchers active in a broad range of topics will come together and provide the latest details into the realization of these materials. Overall, the goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from all over the globe to discuss and highlight emerging topics and ideas that help drive our understanding of quantum matter and that are stimulating the growth of Dynamic Quantum Matter and Materials.

In the event of travel restrictions due to the COVID outbreak, we are planning on holding the conference online using Zoom sessions. Details will be given to those that register.


Invited Talks (40 mins)

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Contributing Talks (20 mins)

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Alexander Balatsky (NORDITA and University of Connecticut)

Jason T. Haraldsen (University of  North Florida)

Loraine Morgan (University of North Florida)

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Jason T. Haraldsen (j.t.haraldsen@unf.edu)


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We are always open to new sponsors. Feel free to contact Jason T. Haraldsen (j.t.haraldsen@unf.edu)

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