Materials Theory Group

Group Leader

Dr. Jason T. Haraldsen


Theoretical Condensed Matter Physicist

I am a theoretical and computational condensed matter physicist examines the magnetic and electronic properties for complex materials as well as their device applications. These materials include complex oxide heterostructures, topological systems, and multifunctional materials. The goal of my research is to enhance our understanding of complex interactions that can lead to spintronic and quantum computational devices. Furthermore, I also work on understanding the possible device applications for biological materials and DNA sequencing.

Current Projects

Electronic and magnetic properties of magnetic Dirac materials

Electronic and magnetic properties of transition-metal chalcogenides and chalcogephosphates

Spintronic applications of transition-metal atoms and nanoparticles on graphene

Examination of negative compressibility in LAO/STO multilayers

Thermodynamics and inelastic neutron scattering intensities for various spin clusters


Current Group Members

Evan WIlson – Masters Student

Patrick Keeney – Masters Student

Vince Pap

Michael James



Graduated Members

Alexandria Alcantara

Daniel Boyko

Amelia Brumfield

Devon Cox

John Dimuna

Peter Dyzsel

Aditi Mahabir

Dina Matev

Ron Putnam

Joseph Ward

Kyro Boom

Thomas LaMartina

Ian Manuel

Duncan Parker

Alison Roxburgh

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